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To determine your appropriate placement in Russian, answer the following questions:

  • Do you have any previous experience with Russian? If no, Russian 101 (Elementary Russian) is for you! No prior experience with languages necessary. 
  • Have you studied Russian for one to two years in high school? If yes, you should sign up for Russian 101.
  • Have you studied Russian three or more years in high school? If yes, please consult with Dr. Yvonne H. Howell about placement.
  • Are you are a native speaker of Russian, or is Russian spoken as the primary language in your home? If yes, please consult with Dr. Yvonne H. Howell for placement. 

Course Placement and Credit

Students who place beyond Russian 202 cannot take 100- or 200-level Russian courses for credit.

Questions about Russian Placement

If you have questions about your placement in Russian, contact Dr. Yvonne H. Howell.