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Spanish (Latin American, Latino and Iberian Studies)

Online Placement Testing in Spanish

If you have studied Spanish and plan to continue your study at the University of Richmond, you must take the online Spanish placement test before you register for a class. You can take the test from any computer with an internet connection. Once you take the test, you can place yourself using the guidelines below or the chart in this handout. If you have questions about LAIS courses, consult the links on the Spanish Language Courses page. If you have questions about your placement, you can contact Prof. Ted Peebles or Prof. Corrado Corradini for help.

Students with no Spanish language background do not need to take the placement test. Contact Prof. Peebles for approval to enroll in LAIS 121.

Is Spanish spoken in your home? If yes, contact Prof. Peebles or Prof. Lazaro Lima for placement.

You must take the placement test:

  • if you want to use Spanish to satisfy your COM2 language requirement and you do not have a test score (AP, IB, SAT) that exempts you from the requirement, or
  • if you have studied Spanish and want to continue.

To Take the Online Placement Test

  1. Open a browser to
  2. Enter your Net ID and University password.
  3. Follow instructions to take the test.
  4. Print out your score when you have finished.

After Completing the Online Placement Test

Use this chart to place yourself into a Spanish (LAIS) course. If you place into 121, you must contact Prof. Peebles or Prof. Corrado Corradini for permission to enroll. Students who place into 151 may choose to enroll in 221, but they should know that they may have difficulty keeping up with the work of 221. Only students at the upper end of the scoring range for 151 should consider this option. Students who place into 221 must not enroll in 151.

Placement Score

Placement Level


Below 100

LAIS 121

Contact Prof. Peebles or Prof. Corrado Corradinifor approval to register for this course

100 – 324

LAIS 151

325 – 464

LAIS 221

Do NOT register for 151.

465 and above

LAIS 300-level

A qualifying score on the placement exam allows one to take a written/oral supplement for exemption; but students cannot place out of COM2 by the placement exam alone; see instructions below.

Students Whose Placement Scores Suggest Exemption From COM2 Must Do the Following:

Note: During the summer registration period, students with placement scores of 465 and above may choose to register for a 300-level course if they are interested in continuing their study of Spanish beyond the COM2 requirement.  However, they will not be able to remain in the course unless they complete the following steps during orientation:

  1. Once you are on campus bring a print-out of your placement test score with a picture ID to Ms. Michele Mauney, Administrative Coordinator of Latin American and Iberian Studies, in INTC 334.
  2. Under Ms. Mauney's supervision, complete a brief (15 minute) written composition on an assigned topic to demonstrate your proficiency in written Spanish.
  3. After evaluation of your composition, complete a brief oral interview in Spanish. Ms. Mauney will explain how to arrange this.

If Prof. Peebles or Prof. Corradini approve your exemption, they will notify the Registrar of your exemption. Keep your test score and any e-mail about your exemption in a safe place until you graduate.

Students with Advanced Proficiency in Spanish

Students with advanced proficiency (native speakers, heritage speakers, and students who have acquired advanced proficiency through residence in a Spanish-speaking country) should contact the chair of the Department of Latin American, Latino and Iberian Studies if they have difficulty registering for a 300-level LAIS course. The policy for students with advanced or superior proficiency is available on the department website.

Students with advanced or superior proficiency in Spanish have the option to fulfill the required Field of Study in Literary Studies (FSLT) in Spanish in the LALIS department. The department offers three FSLTs in Spanish: LAIS 321, LAIS 331 AND LAIS 332. Students do not need to be majors or minors in the department to take these courses and pre-requirements do not apply.