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Registration Errors

Language Practices, Labs, and Link Errors

Some classes, particularly beginning and intermediate languages, have practice or lab sections associated with the lecture section. To register for such classes, you must register for both the lecture and accompanying practice/lab at the same time. For example, if you are registering for Latin American and Iberian Studies 121 Section 1, you must simultaneously register for Practice 1A or 1B in order to be registered at all. If you do not choose a lab/practice section or choose a lab/practice section other than that associated with the lecture, you will receive a link error message and will not be registered in either the lecture or the lab/practice.

Closed Sections and Departmental Overrides

Classes that have reached their seating capacity are closed and will have a “C” in the “Select” column. If you try to register for a closed section using its CRN, you will receive an error message. You may seek departmental approval for a seating capacity override if a particular course you would like to take is full. Only the appropriate department chair has the authority to grant registration special approval for seating capacity overrides or any other restrictions (major, class, prerequisites, etc). Department chairs, listed on the contact page, will be available during your orientation session and the two week drop/add period if you wish to discuss registration special approvals. Overrides and special approvals are done at the discretion of each individual department. Note: Overrides for all business school classes (including Economics) are granted by the Robins School of Business Dean’s Office. Please contact Assistant Dean Laura Thompson ( who can also be reached at 804-289-8730.


Some classes have prerequisites that must be completed prior to registration. Prerequisites may be found by clicking the CRN of the desired course in the "Look Up Classes to Add" results, or in the online catalog (see individual course descriptions for prerequisites). If you have not completed the exact prerequisite as listed in the catalog, you may seek a special approval as described above once you arrive on campus.

Student Restrictions

A class with an “SR” in the left-hand column on the Look Up Classes to Add menu is restricted. The restriction may be for students of a certain class standing or students with a declared primary major in that department. Only department chairs may override such restrictions. A class with an “NR” in the left-hand column is not allowed for registration at that time.