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Faculty/Staff Advisors

Faculty and staff of the University are available to answer your general advising questions or questions about particular courses or programs of study. Please feel free to contact any of the advisors below with your questions. (During the summer, e-mail is often the most reliable form of communication. In addition, since summer is also the time of vacations, know that answers may at times receive responses delayed by a few days.)

General Academic Advising Questions

The Staff of the Academic Advising Resource Center

Ms. Barb Michelson
(804) 287-6574

Ms. Lindsey Love 
(804) 289-8129

Jepson School of Leadership Studies

Dr. Kerstin Soderlund
(804) 287-6082

Dr. Crystal Hoyt
(804) 287-6825

Languages (French, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, Arabic)

Dr. Julie Baker
Department of Modern Literatures & Cultures
(804) 287-6817


Mr. Ted Peebles
(804) 287-6843

Scholars (Richmond Scholars & Oldham Scholars)

Scholars should direct advising questions to their mentor. For general questions, please call:

Dr. Jennifer Cable
(804) 289-8284

Science Majors and Pre-Health Careers

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB)

Dr. Michelle Hamm
(804) 287-6327


Dr. April Hill
(804) 484-1591


Dr. Chris Stevenson
(804) 289-8635

Math and Computer Science

Dr. Bill Ross
(804) 289-8090


Dr. Ted Bunn
(804) 287-6486

Pre-Health Careers

Dr. John Vaughan
(804) 287-6484

Note: All students interested in pre-health studies should contact Dr. Vaughan prior to registration for fall classes.


Dr. Steve Simon, Director
(804) 287-6626

Pre-Business: Robins School of Business

Ms. Laura Thompson 
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Students
(804) 289-8730

Varsity Student-Athletes

Mr. Bruce Matthews
Assistant Director, Academics
Athletics Office
(804) 287-6415

Students Interested in Pre-Health Studies

All students interested in pre-health studies should contact Dr. John Vaughan prior to registration for fall classes.