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To the Class of 2021, 

On behalf of the Academic Advising Resource Center, a warm welcome to the University of Richmond (UR) community! Your time at UR will be filled with terrific opportunities for exploring new academic ideas, working closely both within and outside the classroom with faculty, studying abroad, engagement in the Richmond community, leadership of on- and off-campus activities, athletics at multiple levels, meeting and making friends who will introduce you to diverse cultures and thought, and much more. And, while that can sometimes seem daunting, the good news is that there are many support structures in place to help you make the most of your education. 

The Academic Advising Resource Center is here to work with you as you transition into UR, and to support you during your four years on campus. To help you get started, we have developed this New Spiders website, which gathers in one place everything you need as you prepare for your arrival on campus in August. You'll want to visit this site often, keeping up with the forms and deadlines checklist on a week-by-week basis. You'll also be hearing from one of our Peer Advising Associates by email and phone this summer. These students are carefully chosen and well trained, and can help you with everything from selecting classes to suggestions of what to bring for your dorm room. You’ll also be hearing from an academic advisor later this summer, who will give you guidance as you explore our General Education curriculum and get ready to register for your fall courses.

In addition, I hope you'll take some time this summer to visit the websites of some other important people on campus. In particular, I’ve included a few links in gray on the left that will take you to the first-year student sites for your residential dean (the Dean of Westhampton College, for women, and the Dean of Richmond College, for men). The residential deans and their offices will be a vital part of your undergraduate experience.

Welcome to the University of Richmond! If you need anything this summer, please call on us.


Lindsey Love
Director, Academic Advising Resource Center

The Five Schools

All students begin their journey as students in the School of Arts & Sciences. They can later choose a major in the schools of Arts & Sciences, Leadership Studies, or Business.

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