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Exploring Your Options

We know that one of the most common questions college-bound students hear during the summer after high school is "What are you going to major in?" Hearing it so often can create a sense of anxiety in those who are uncertain about the many possibilities. That anxiety can be heightened when listening to those who have already made a clear major choice talk about their seemingly set futures. To make things even more complicated, parents sometimes have strong ideas about which majors would be "ideal" choices for their children to pursue.

Regardless of where you are at this point–whether you have a clear major choice, have a few ideas, or feel completely uncertain–the coming year will provide you with much to consider. You can't declare a major during your first year at Richmond, but you can start taking courses toward specific majors and/or toward simply exploring your interests. The University does not expect you to know what your major will be as you enter, and there is no pressure to choose immediately. This summer you can learn more about available majors through our online resources. Once you are on campus, you'll be able to speak with your advisor, other faculty, Career Services staff, and your peers about the many majors, minors, and concentrations Richmond has to offer.

Most students change majors at least once during their college years, and this includes those who seemed to know beforehand just what they wanted to do with their lives. College provides countless new opportunities, so we encourage you to be open to exploring all of your many options.

Note that declaring a major or minor is a simple process, and it is not set in stone. Students can change their majors or minors after they have declared them. Also note that majors and minors in the School of Arts & Sciences do not typically have individual application processes. Students wishing to major or minor in the Jepson School of Leadership Studies will apply to do so during fall of their sophomore year. Students wishing to major or minor in the Robins School of Business will complete an "Intent to Declare" form at the end of their first year or start of their second. Students interested in pursuing a major or minor in the Robins School of Business must have a 2.7 GPA after completing at least 12 units at the end of three semesters of college coursework, including ECON 101 - Microeconomics, ACCT 201 - Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, and MATH 211 - Calculus 1 (or their equivalent), and earn an 80% or higher on an Excel competency exam. Eligibility determinations are typically made at the end of fall of sophomore year. See each school's website for more information about majors, minors, and procedures.

Majors, Minors, & Concentrations

Review all available majors, minors, and concentrations. Explore department websites to learn more about your fields of interest.

Course Offerings & Major Requirements

The undergraduate catalog contains detailed information about all courses offered at the University of Richmond. Use the program listings to become knowledgeable of courses required for your potential major/minor areas of interest.