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Summer Advising

Most academic advisors are off campus and unavailable during the summer. So while you won’t meet your academic advisor until orientation, the Academic Advising Resource Center (AARC) provides summer advising assistance to help new students prepare for fall registration.

  • We'll be in touch a lot: All new Spiders are assigned a Peer Advising Associate (PAA). PAAs are well-trained student-staff members of the AARC. Your PAA will be in contact with you via email and phone throughout the summer. The PAAs will also maintain a social media presence on Facebook.
  • Summer faculty/staff advisors: In addition to PAAs, summer academic advisors will also call each student during late June/early July to discuss registration and help with choosing appropriate courses for fall. Be sure to read the Plan and Register section of this website and become familiar with the information you will need for registration. Note: your PAA will notify you of your summer advisor's name early in June.
  • Specialty faculty/staff advisors will be available all summer in a few key areas that past experience has shown generate the most questions. These include business, Spanish and French placement, and pre-health. If you have specific questions about something in one of these areas, you will be able to contact one of these advisors over the summer.
  • You can email, call, or visit us: Students who still have concerns or questions after they have talked with their PAA are encouraged to call us or visit us in the Academic Advising Resource Center. We are available to help you choose courses, answer any questions you might have, and reassure you that your choices are sound ones. Our staff is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am–5:00 pm eastern time. Students visiting campus during the summer are especially encouraged to come and see us in the AARC!

Parents With Questions

Parents are often highly concerned about their son’s/daughter’s fall registration and may have questions. The PAAs are a resource intended for students. Parents with questions should contact the AARC via email or phone.