Exploring Your Major/Minor Options

We know that one of the most common questions college-bound students hear during the summer after high school is "What are you going to major in?" Hearing it so often can create a sense of anxiety in those who are uncertain about the many possibilities. That anxiety can be heightened when listening to those who have already made a clear major choice talk about their seemingly set futures. To make things even more complicated, parents, siblings, or family members sometimes apply pressure too.

Regardless of where you are at this point—whether you have a clear major choice, have a few ideas, or feel completely uncertain—the coming year will provide you with much to consider. You can't declare a major until your sophomor year, but you can start taking courses toward specific majors and/or toward simply exploring your interests. The University does not expect you to know what your major will be as you enter, and there is no pressure to choose immediately.

Spend your first year learning about available majors through your academic advisor, faculty or staff, Career Services staff, and our online resources. College provides countless new opportunities, so we encourage you to be open to exploring all of your many options.

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  • Declaring a Major in Arts & Sciences

    To declare a major or minor in the School of Arts and Sciences, all you have to do is complete the Major/Minor Declaration form online through the Registrar’s Office. Students can change their majors or minors after they have declared them.

  • Declaring a Major in Business

    To declare a major or minor in the Robins School of Business (Business Administration, Economics or Accounting) a student must have earned at least a 2.7 GPA, after completing at least 12 units of college coursework, including ECON 101, ACCT 201, and MATH 211 (or their equivalents). All students declaring a major or minor in the Robins School of Business must also first pass an online Excel competency exam. Students will have three attempts to demonstrate competency with a grade of 80% or higher. This is not for a grade or academic credit.

    Learn more about declaring a major within the Robins School of Business

  • Declaring a Major in Leadership Studies

    Students seeking admission apply during the fall semester of their second year. Eligible students must have completed Leadership Studies 101 or 102 with a grade of C- or better or be enrolled in Leadership Studies 101 (Leadership and the Humanities) or Leadership Studies 102 (Leadership and the Social Sciences) during the fall admissions process in order to apply.

    Learn more about the Jepson School of Leadership Studies process.