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Forms and Deadlines Checklist

The checklist of forms and deadlines is intended for students who have paid their deposit and received acknowledgement from the University. We encourage you to thoroughly review the entire list so you are aware of required forms, actions, and due dates. Then, refer back to this frequently throughout the spring and summer leading up to your arrival on campus in August.

Required Steps

Most of the forms and steps below can be completed in one sitting. However, three forms require additional lead time: the Health History Record requires information from your physician; the Family Data Form requires detailed information about your family; and Alcohol.Edu is an online course that typically takes two hours to complete.


Activate Your Richmond Account
Many of the steps below require you to log in to your University of Richmond student account with your Net ID and password. Activating your account takes just a few minutes, so this is the place to start. Check your admission packet for your student ID number. **Note that you MUST have paid your enrollment deposit and received an acknowledgement from the university to activate a Richmond account.**

April and May
  • Complete Your Housing Application
    (Available Apr. 17; Applications accepted through Jul. 7)
    The housing application is required for all students who wish to live on campus. The application will be available to entering first-year students on April 17. To access the application, sign on to Bannerweb, click on Student Services, HousingMenu, Connect to StarRez. Follow the instructions on each page within StarRez. You must complete each page to be able to move forward to the next page. The roommate section will open on June 20 and close July 7. Within this section, you will be able to request a specific roommate or search for a roommate. You are not required to choose a roommate. You will not be selecting a room. If you have questions, please email Ms. Carolyn Bigler. More details about first-year housing, including a suggested list of what to bring to campus, are available on the Student Housing website. Assignment emails, including roommate information, will be sent to students on July 29.
  • Required Health History Records (Get started now!)
    All entering full-time students must submit required documentations by the following deadlines: Fall Entry - June 1; Spring Entry - December 1
    • Step 1: Log onto your using your eight digit URID and password to complete and submit ALL THREE electronic forms:
      • Immunization Form:  Complete the following steps in order.
        1. Print the Immunization Form for your physician to complete and sign.  Please do not mail records as this will delay your compliance. Mailed records are not reviewed until after the deadline. 
        2. Upon receipt of your immunization records, enter vaccination dates provided by your physician on the electronic Immunization FormOnline forms submitted without the supporting document upload will not be reviewed. 
        3. UPLOAD the physician signed Immunization Form to your electronic health record using the DOCUMENT UPLOAD tab. Please do not upload your document multiple times as this will delay the review process.
      • TB Risk Assessment Form: Please read and answer all questions carefully.  Answering questions incorrectly may lead to unnecessary testing and fees. If you have additional TB documentation, upload using the DOCUMENT UPLOAD tab.
      • Medical History Form: Please complete all applicable questions.
    • Step 2: Please allow up to 15 business days for record review.  Consult your web portal for immunization compliance status: green = requirement met; red = needs attention. *AVOID THE HOLD Students with Incomplete records will have a hold placed on their account, for more information please see University of Richmond Policy #STU-2001.

      For additional information please contact the Student Health Center at 804-289-8064. (Press 3 and leave a message.  They will return your call.)  You may also email them at  (They check their email all summer and will respond to you.)
  • NOW DUE! Required Health History Records (June 1)
  • QuikPay: UR's Online Payment System (June 1)
    Students can sign their parents up for Richmond's electronic invoices. Additional information regarding invoices, payments, etc., can be found in the Student Accounts Handbook.
  • Family Data Form (June 1)
    Please note that this form is designed to be completed by parents and guardians only. Parents/Guardians should complete the Family Data Form through the UR Online Family Portal so that the university can stay in contact with you, provide general updates, and ensure the best care for your student. Your registration through UR Online’s Family Portal may take up to 3 business days to process. Please email or contact Ms. Connor Wilson directly at (804)289-8657 if you have questions or concerns.
    Family Data Form completion is highly encouraged by June 1, but you can make updates as needed throughout your student’s time on campus.
  • Disability Accommodations (Review by June 1)
    If you need an accommodation based on a disability, please submit the Application for Disability Accommodation by June 1 (applications will be accepted throughout the year). More information is available on the Disability Services website.
  • BannerWeb Access Begins for first-year students. (Review starting June 3)
  • ID Card and Advisor Form Photo (Complete by June 8)
    Upload your image for use on your student ID and advisor form.
  • Information For Academic Advisor Form (Complete by June 8)
    This form is available in BannerWeb, at the bottom of the Student Services menu. This important form is used to match advisees with academic advisors. You will be assigned an academic advisor during August and meet your advisor during orientation.  ALL incoming first year students (including Scholars & Endeavor participants) need to complete this form as this important student information is passed along to their new advisor.
  • Introduction to your Peer Academic Advisor (mid June)
    Peer Academic Advising Associates (PAAs) will be in e-mail contact with all new students throughout the summer beginning in mid-June. Your PAA will help orient you to UR's online academic systems Bannerweb and GradTracker and assist with creating a schedule of courses for the fall 2019 semester.
  • Expect a Call from an Academic Advisor (July 8 - 19)
    In addition to being assigned a Peer Academic Advisor, Summer Faculty/Staff Academic Advisors will also call each student during July to discuss registration and help with choosing appropriate courses for fall. Be sure to read the Plan and Register section of this website and become familiar with the information you will need for registration. And, of course, the Academic Advising Resource Center staff is always available to answer your questions.
  • Richmond Scholars and NCAA Athlete Registration (Begins July 26)
    First-year students who have been named Richmond Scholars (a merit scholarship program) or Bonner Scholars can register from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. EDT. After this period, registration opens for all first-year students on July 29.
  • First-Year Student Registration (Begins July 29)
    Registration begins for all first-year students at 9 a.m. EDT Register as early as possible that day. Registration remains open to first-year students until the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester.
  • Alcohol Edu Requirement (Available mid-July, complete by August 23)
    All full-time degree seeking students are required to complete a comprehensive alcohol education and abuse prevention program during their first semester on campus. The first part of this requirement involves an online component that must be completed prior to the first day of orientation. Students will receive email communication from the Health Educator in early July with details as to how they can access their online alcohol education.
  • U of R Consent/Release for Off-Campus Experiences Form (Complete by mid August)  Any student who will not be 18 years of age by the time they arrive to campus must: READ this form with your parent/guardian and visit the relevant webpages, PRINT the form, print your first and last name at the top, sign and date at the bottom, then ask your parent/guardian to SIGN the parent/guardian signature line, and SEND the completed form back via an e-mail attachment:, fax: 804-289-8375 (no cover letter needed), OR mail: Julia Kelly, 28 Westhampton Way, THC 338A, University of Richmond, VA 23173.
  • Tuition due for fall semester (Due Aug. 5) Note: Tuition Insurance is available through Allianz Global Assistance. For information and enrollment please visit their website or call 1-888-427-5045.
  • Federal Regulation (only applies to US Citizens and US Permanent Residents)
    Students, if you did not provide your Social Security Number on your application or FAFSA, please read, complete, sign and return the Taxpayer Identification Number Form to the Student Accounts Office. Your SSN is needed to file Form 1098T with the IRS. Form 1098T helps determine whether you or the person who can claim you as a dependent may take either the tuition and fees deduction or claim an education credit to reduce federal income tax.
  • Textbook Requirements (Available early Aug. exact date TBD)
    The book requirements for fall courses are posted on the University Bookstore’s website.
  • Set Your PIN for Keyless Entry into Residence Halls (Before you arrive on campus) Follow the instructions on the One Card website.
  • Install the Mobile ID smart phone app to provide backup access to your residence hall room’s wireless lock.
  • Move-In Day, Orientation Begins (Aug. 21 ) Note: Before you can be issued a University of Richmond identification card, you will be required to show proof of identification. Be sure to bring a valid state-issued driver’s license, a passport, a military ID or an official state identification card when you come to campus. Review the Housing Office's list of things to bring to campus and the Sustainability Office's Green Move-In Tips.
  • Parking Services If you are planning to bring a car, scooter, moped or bicycle to campus, you must register it with Parking Services at You can register online and your permit will be ready for pickup in our office located in the Special Programs Building (#490) in mid-August. Please familiarize yourself with the parking rules and regulations found on our website.
  • Welcome Week for new and returning students. (Begins Aug. 25)
  • Classes begin Aug. 26 - Review the complete academic calendar for other important fall dates.
  • Police Services (Review) Read more about the Police Department's programs and services. Submit a Student Inventory Form to provide an electronic inventory of valuable items stored in residence halls or offices.
Pre-Semester Programs

Pre-Semester Programs run just prior to orientation. You may only participate in one of these programs. However, it is possible to participate in a pre-semester program and an academic year program (tab three). More information about each program, including contact information, is provided on the website linked within each item below. Note: There are no additional costs associated with participating in any of the programs below.

Appalachian Trail Adventure Transition Program

Application Deadline July 1
The AT Adventure is scheduled for the three days before first-year student move-in and orientation begin. Selected participants will move in on Sunday and prepare for a two-day (one-night), off-campus experience that will build leadership and communication skills, test mental strength, and encourage team work. Students will hike a through the Shenandoah National trails while enjoying its many vistas and abundant wildlife. While hiking and camping, participants will openly discuss the variety of challenges first-year students face to help prepare for the academic and social aspects of the University of Richmond. Application and more info may be found here.

Army ROTC Pre-Orientation

Application Deadline is July 1
The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) is a program that trains students to commission in the U.S. Army as Army Officers. The ROTC program at the University of Richmond has a Pre-Orientation program available for incoming freshmen who are interested in learning more about ROTC. This program is four days long and consists of a variety of activities ranging from outdoor and team building activities to learning military customs. Participating students will move in on Aug. 18 and the program will conclude on Aug. 21. Students who are interested in Army ROTC should expect to exercise and participate in physical activities that require a level of physical fitness. ROTC’s Pre-Orientation program offers the benefit of adjusting to the University of Richmond and getting to know a close-knit group of students prior to regular orientation while participating in exciting and challenging activities.

All students who wish to participate in ROTC’s Pre-Orientation program should contact Mr. Chau at for information regarding the application process.

Multi-Cultural Affairs Pre-Orientation

Application Deadline July 1
The Multicultural Affairs Pre-Orientation program is designed to enhance the transition of incoming multiracial/ethnic, Latino/Hispanic, Asian, African/Black, Native and other self-identified multicultural students into the University. This program begins Sun., Aug. 18 and ends in the afternoon on Weds., Aug. 21.

Roadmap to Success

Registration Deadline July 1
The Roadmap to Success program offers faculty-led short courses on interesting and diverse topics, combined with developmental and skill-building seminars. Roadmap for First-Year Students continues into the academic year with ongoing advising support from faculty and regularly-scheduled programs aimed at helping first-year students transition into the academic and social life of Richmond with greater success. The pre-semester programming of this program begins Sun., Aug. 18 and ends Wed., Aug. 21.

URISE: University of Richmond Integrated Science Experience

Application deadline May 10
URISE aims to increase the number of students from groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences who plan to complete a major and continue to graduate professional programs in science. To be eligible a student must be passionate about science and interested in a research-based, interdisciplinary approach to their introductory science courses. Note: this program includes a 2.5-week summer experience prior to the first year of college (Session I will run Jun. 16-Jul. 2 and Session II will run Jul. 7-23)

Bridge To Success

Application Deadline May 15
Bridge to Success is an immersive summer program designed to jump-start your transition from high school to the University of Richmond. You’ll complete coursework that will count toward general education requirements and degree completion; engage in community involvement opportunities, including off-campus excursions and activities in the city of Richmond; and get acquainted with campus and forge early bonds with peers, faculty, and staff. The program runs from June 23 until July 27. 

Academic Year Programs

Academic Year Programs are programs for new students that run during the academic year, with summer application deadlines. These programs are available to students based on particular academic, social or residential interests. It is possible to participate in multiple academic year programs. It is also possible to participate in an academic year program and a pre-semester program (tab two). More information about each program, including contact information, is provided on the website linked within each item below.

The Richmond Endeavor

Application Deadline June 2
The Richmond Endeavor is a living-learning experience for first-year students. The Richmond Endeavor is designed for students to create meaningful bonds and friendships with their fellow classmates, develop a relationship with a faculty member during their first year at Richmond, and connect their interests both inside and outside of the classroom. Applications are now open. 

Peer Advisors & Mentors Program

Application Deadline June 5
The Peer Advisors and Mentors Program pairs first-year students with upper-class student mentors who help first-year mentees navigate their first year of college through mentee/mentor engagements, group activities, and leadership opportunities. Retaining students is one of the program's chief goals—90 to 100 percent of PAM first-year mentees return to Richmond for their second year of college.

Integrated Quantitative Science (IQS) Course

Application Deadline June 2
The IQ science course is a year-long, double course for prospective STEM majors interested in an integrated introduction to biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and computer science. It is ideal for students with wide interests across the sciences, who like working with a team on challenging problems, and who want to view big scientific societal problems from multiple disciplines. IQS is a theme-based course; the 2019-2020 theme is climate change.  If you have already been accepted to the URISE course, you do not need to submit an application for the IQS course.

Science, Math, and Research Training (SMART) Course

Application Deadline June 2
The SMART course is a year-long, double course that introduces the topics of chemistry and biology in an integrated fashion while relating concepts of calculus 1 and 2 to science. The program offers a hands-on, research-based learning environment where working as part of a team is important. If you are passionate about science but did not have extensive experience with calculus in high school, the SMART program may be for you. If you have already been accepted to the URISE program, you do not need to submit an application for the SMART course.

Business First Year Learning Community

Open to all students interested in learning about academic offering within the Robins School of Business

A co-ed, non-residential learning community, first-year students interested in exploring the many facets of today’s business world are be invited to attend many events through the academic year. On August 28th, first year students are invited to the Welcome Back BBQ. On September 9, first year student can plan to attend a pre-business information session and business organizations activity fair. In October, first year students will be invited to a pre-business event highlighting the different departments within the Robins School. In late October and early November, first year students will be invited to attend one of the prebusiness open advising sessions offered prior to registering for spring classes. Throughout the entire academic year, first year students will be invited to attend our Robins Executive Speaker Series. The 2019-2020 year speaker lineup will be updated through the summer here.  If you have questions, please contact Laura Thompson at // 804-289-8730.

WILL* Program

Summer Deadline Aug. 1
The nationally recognized WILL* program explores gender and diversity issues both in and out of the classroom. Students strengthen their leadership skills as they actively work to create a more equitable world. WILL accepts applications from women, transgender, and gender expansive students.

International Students Only

In addition to completing the required steps for new students (tab one), international students should also read the information below. International students may only apply for the Appalachian Trail Adventure Transition Program, Multi-Cultural Affairs Pre-Orientation, or Roadmap to Success pre-semester programs (tab two) if they are not required to attend international orientation. The Office of International Education will notify students in June if they are required to attend.

International students on F-1 or J-1 visas are not eligible for the URISE: University of Richmond Integrated Science Experience pre-semester program (tab two) because these visa types do not permit entry to the U.S. more than 30 days in advance of the start of international orientation. International students may apply for any of the academic year programs (tab three). Please note that international students who are accepted to The Richmond Endeavor will not be able to participate in international orientation due to the conflict with Roadmap to Success.



  • International Orientation
    International Orientation covers important topics such as immigration, health insurance, and cultural and academic adjustment. Note: This program is available only to international students who have been informed that they must attend. This program begins Sun., Aug. 18 and ends Wed., Aug. 21.