Forms and Deadlines Checklist for Transfer Students

The checklist of forms and deadlines is intended for new transfer students who have paid their deposit and received acknowledgement from the University. Most of the forms and steps below can be completed in one sitting, but several forms require additional lead time to complete so we advise not waiting until the deadline to complete them.

If you are a new first-year student, please consult the Enrolled Student Checklist.


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  • Activate Your Account

    Activate Your Richmond Account

    Setting up your University of Richmond student account is your first step in becoming a New Spider and it only takes a few minutes to do!

    Within a few days of enrollment AND deposit, you will receive an email with the subject "University of Richmond Account Activation," which will contain your unique activation link; to activate your account, please click on this link. You will need your UR student ID number, which you will find in your Spider Portal.

    If you have questions about your student ID number, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission

  • Family Data Form
    Confirm or update your parent/guardian information here so we can contact them and keep them in the loop this summer!
  • Emergency Contact

    Transfer students will have access to BannerWeb after they submit their deposit (note: processing may take 24-48 hours).

    Use this link to access the Emergency Contact Information form in BannerWeb and the Personal Information page. Scroll down to Emergency Contact and press the (+) Add New button.  Complete the form and hit Add at the bottom of the pop-up card. You may enter both a Primary and a Secondary emergency contact in BannerWeb.

    You may also review the fall course options in BannerWeb and update your personal information, including your gender and personal pronoun information.

  • Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)

    The University of Richmond is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of your education records; to providing you with appropriate access to your education records; and to compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), its implementing regulations, and applicable Virginia law.

    What is FERPA?
    Read about the university’s FERPA policy and what it means for you here: UR FERPA Statement, then please complete the FERPA Waiver form. Have questions about FERPA? Please contact the Office of the Registrar


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  • Housing Application

    (Opens April 15; Closes June 30)

    The housing application is required for all students who wish to live on campus. The application will be available beginning April 15.

    The roommate section will open for new first-year students in StarRez on June 11 and close on June 30. Within this section, you will be able to request a specific roommate or search for a roommate. (You are not required to choose a roommate.)

    Students and families interested in renter’s insurance can learn more about GradGuard through the Housing website.

  • Disability and Accessibility Accommodations

    (Recommended deadline: June 1)

    If you are interested in learning more about accommodations related to a disability, please consider visiting the Disability Services website where you can find contact information, answers to frequently asked questions, and details about the accommodation application process and documentation guidance

    While there are no deadlines for submitting accommodation applications, the process can take some time. In order to help ensure that all incoming students are able to complete the individualized and interactive intake process prior to the start of the semester, we strongly recommended students submit their applications by June 1.

  • Required Health Forms

    The University of Richmond adheres to the immunization and tuberculosis screening requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia. All full-time students new to the University are required to complete pre-entrance health forms prior to campus arrival. 

    Please visit the Student Health Center website for specific instructions on completing the required pre-entrance health requirements.

  • Connect With A Peer Academic Advisor

    Starting in mid-May, Peer Academic Advisors (PA) will be in contact with all new transfer students. Your PA will answer your questions, help orient you to UR’s online academic systems (i.e., BannerWeb and GradTracker), and they will help you prepare for registration. 

  • Connect With A Summer Academic Advisor

    In addition to working with peer academic advisors, each new transfer student will also work with a faculty or staff Summer Advisor. Summer advisors will call or email students in late May/early June to discuss registration and help with choosing appropriate courses for fall. Be sure to read the Planning Your Schedule and Registering for Classes sections of this website and become familiar with the information you will need for registration. And, of course, the Academic Advising Resource Center staff is always available to answer your questions.


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  • Transfer Student Course Registration

    Transfer Student Course Registration (Opens: June 3; Closes June 21)

    Students who are transferring to Richmond from another college or university (this does not include incoming first-year students who are transferring some credit for work completed during high school) can register for classes in BannerWeb beginning on June 3, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. through June 21, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.

  • Academic Advisor Information Form

    (Due: June 15)

    The Information for Academic Advisor form is available in BannerWeb; you will find it at the bottom of the Student Services menu. This is an important form that will be used to match you with an academic advisor in the fall. ALL incoming transfer students need to complete this form by June 15.

  • Explore & Apply To Academic-Year Programs

    Bonner Scholars 

    Each year, the Center for Civic Engagement selects a cohort of Bonner Scholars to make a sustained commitment to the city of Richmond, giving 10 hours a week to nonprofits, schools, and government agencies in exchange for financial compensation. (Benefits include a $3,000 annual stipend, $9,000 for two 280-hour summer internships, and priority class registration.)

    Walk-on applications for rising sophomores and juniors will be accepted in early June. 

    Transfer students who are passionate about community engagement, want to learn from a dedicated network of local change agents, and are eager to develop leadership skills are encouraged to apply!


    Spiders FLI Peer Mentor Program (Application deadline: July 1)

    The Spiders FLI Peer Mentor program pairs incoming first-generation college students and/or limited-income students with returning students who also identify in one or both of those categories to offer support and guidance during their first year at Richmond. Along with one on one time with your mentor, you will be invited to events with other FLI mentors and mentees and be introduced to all of the support the Spiders FLI program offers first-gen and limited-income students.


    will (Application deadline: August 1)

    will is a nationally recognized program for students interested in exploring gender and social justice issues both in and out of the classroom. Students strengthen their leadership skills, build close friendships, and work to create a more equitable world. It is open to all students. Summer applications are due by August 1.

  • Final College Transcript

    (Due: July 1)

    If enrolled in courses during the spring semester, your institution must submit your final college transcript after final grades have been released.

    An electronic copy of the final college transcript is acceptable from your school official. Please have it submitted by email to with the subject of “Final College Transcript." We are unable to accept transcripts submitted by the student.
    Your institution may also mail the final transcript to the Office of Admission at 142 UR Drive, University of Richmond, VA 23173. Please note that the transcript cannot be sent by fax.


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  • Alcohol Education & Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates (SAPU) Requirement

    Alcohol Edu & SAPU (Available late-July/early-August; Complete by August 25)

    All full-time degree seeking students are required to complete a comprehensive alcohol education and abuse prevention program during their first semester on campus. The first part of this requirement involves an online component that must be completed prior to the first day of orientation. Students will receive email communication from the Health Educator in late-July/early-August with details as to how they can access their online alcohol education.

  • Tuition, QuikPAY, & Direct Deposit

    Tuition (Due: August)

    Invoices will be emailed to students and their designated QuikPAY Authorized Payers (see QuikPAY information below) in mid- to late July and due in early to mid-August.

    Tuition Insurance

    Tuition Insurance is available through GradGuard. For information and enrollment please visit their website or call 1-866-724-4384.


    QuikPAY: Online Payment System

    Tuition invoices are sent electronically to students (via their Richmond email account) and any "Authorized Payers" who have been established as such in QuikPAY. Only students and authorized payers can make online payments through QuikPAY. Students can designate authorized payers in QuikPAY by following the instructions on page 9 of the Student Accounts Handbook.  

    QuikPAY also offers installment plans allowing Spiders to spread out their educational expenses over the course of a semester. Please visit the Student Accounts website for details. 

    Have questions about invoices, payments, etc.? Review the Student Accounts Handbook or contact the Student Accounts Office at 804-289-8147 or


    Direct Deposit

    The Office of Student Accounts asks and strongly encourages all students to sign up for direct deposit to expedite issued refunds. To sign up for direct deposit, please go to BannerWeb, click on Manage/Sign Up for Direct Deposit and enter your banking information.


  • Student Health Insurance

    (Due: September 10)

    The University of Richmond requires domestic undergraduate students taking in-person classes to have health insurance, and sponsors a Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) to ensure students have access to comprehensive health care coverage. Each academic year, students must complete an online form to either:

    • Confirm intent to purchase the SHIP
    • Waive out of purchasing the SHIP by providing proof of health insurance (such as through a parent)

    Students who do not enroll in or waive out of the SHIP prior to the September 10, 2023 deadline will have the insurance cost for the fall semester ($1,502) automatically added to their tuition bill. 

    Please visit for more information.

  • Photo ID & Keyless Entry

    UR Photo ID

    Log into One Card to upload a headshot for your student ID card. This image will also be displayed in the online directory unless you opt-out.


    Set your PIN for Keyless Entry into the Residence Halls

    Follow the instructions on One Card’s Using Your Card: Keyless Entry webpage to set your PIN for dual authentication to your room.

  • Federal Taxpayer Identification

    (This only applies to US Citizens and US Permanent Residents)

    Students, if you did not provide your Social Security Number on your application or FAFSA, please read, complete, sign and return the Taxpayer Identification Number Form to the Student Accounts Office. Your SSN is needed to file Form 1098T with the IRS. Form 1098T helps determine whether you or the person who can claim you as a dependent may take either the tuition and fees deduction or claim an education credit to reduce federal income tax.


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  • Textbooks


    Textbook requirements for fall courses will be posted on the University Bookstore’s website in early August.

  • Consent/Release for Off-Campus Experiences

    Consent/Release for Off-Campus Experiences

    Any student who will not be 18 years of age by the time they arrive to campus must READ, COMPLETE, & SUBMIT this online form with their parent/guardian and visit the relevant webpages as presented on the form.

  • Move-In & Orientation

    Move-In Day

    Please visit the Residence Life website for move-in and check-in information.

    Note: Before you can be issued a University of Richmond identification card, you will be required to show proof of identification. Be sure to bring a valid state-issued driver’s license, a passport, a military ID or an official state identification card when you come to campus. Review the Housing Office’s list of things to bring to campus and the Sustainability Office’s Green Move-In Tips.


    2024 New Spider Orientation 

    Orientation is mandatory for transfer students; it begins with move-in on Wednesday, August 21 and continues through Saturday, August 24. Classes begin on Monday, August 26, 2024.

  • Parking Services

    Parking Services

    Please visit Parking Services’ website for information on bringing a car to campus.

    If you will have bicycle on campus it is recommended that you register your bicycle to ensure we have the information needed if your bicycle is lost or stolen. You will receive a bicycle permit to be displayed on the bicycle’s frame. You will also be able to pick up a bike lock, front and rear bike lights.

  • University Police Department

    University Police Department

    Read more about the Police Department’s programs and services here, and submit a Student Inventory to provide an electronic inventory of valuable items you plan to store in your room.
  • Fall Semester Begins

    Fall Semester Begins

    Classes begin on Monday, August 26, 2024. Please review the complete academic calendar for other important fall dates.