Planning Your Schedule

Transfer students can access BannerWeb to begin looking at available courses soon after they activate their Richmond account. Follow the Registration Instructions to learn how to log on to BannerWeb.

Richmond Graduation Requirements

As you plan your schedule for the upcoming semester, it's important to think of it in the context of your time at the University of Richmond. The University uses a unit system to track progress toward graduation. You need 35 units to graduate. Most courses are 1 unit.

Of those 35 units, a third typically come from each of three types of courses:

  • Course from the Web of Inquiry, Richmond's Foundational Curriculum: These courses will help you explore the kinds of thinking and scholarly activity that happens across the academic world. (Note: Transfer students coming from another college or university with 6.82 or more units of credit are exempt from the First-Year Seminar requirement.)
  • Major courses: Courses that you will take to satisfy the requirements of your chosen major. Note that a course can be used to satisfy both the Foundational Curriculum and major requirements.
  • Elective courses: Those you choose because you find them interesting and valuable. (If you eventually decide to pursue multiple majors or a minor, you may take fewer elective courses.)
  • In addition, all students must the Wellness graduation requirement, including WELL 100, WELL 101, and WELL 102.

Registration Limits

Remember, most Richmond courses are worth 1 unit of credit. To be a full-time student, you must take at least 3.5 units per semester. You may take a maximum of 5.5 units in any semester. When planning for your schedule, please keep in mind your overall timeline to graduate and consider the transfer student residency requirement.

Preparing Your First-Semester Schedule at Richmond

When planning your schedule, remember to account for units you may earn through transfer credit from your previous institution. If you believe you will be bringing credit to Richmond for a course, do NOT register for that course. GradTracker is an online program that allows students to review course history, check progress toward graduation, and plan future courses. New transfer students are encouraged to view the tutorial videos for GradTracker and use the What If function to view their major requirements and plan accordingly.

New transfer students also need to register for a WELL 100 course during their first-semester; the course meets once per week and is a graduation requirement. 


The Academic Advising Resource Center is happy to work with transfer students as soon as they start planning their schedules.

Transfer students interested in majoring in business or related fields should email the Academic Advising Resource Center prior to registering for courses.

Transfer students interested in majoring in the sciences and/or in pursuing careers in the health professions should contact the appropriate faculty summer advisor prior to registering for courses: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BCMB): Dr. Eugene Wu; Biology: Dr. Peter Smallwood; Chemistry: Dr. Jonathan Dattelbaum; Computer Science: Dr. Sandra Joireman; Mathematics & Statistics: Dr. Joanna Wares; Physics: Dr. Matt Trawick; Pre-Health Careers: Dr. John Vaughan.