BannerWeb Access Information

Sometime in mid-June, new first-year students will have access to several additional screens and pop-up forms in BannerWeb (the student records information system). (New transfer students will be able to access this information in BannerWeb shortly after their acceptance to Richmond.)

BannerWeb Pop-Up Forms

If you have never logged on to Bannerweb, the first time you do so you will have to create/change your PIN, accept terms of usage, and answer two security questions.

Sometime in mid-June, you will be able to see additional areas on BannerWeb, and you will see some new screens "popping up" after login. These new screens will pop up in the following order:

  • The "Emergency Contact Information Form" will pop up. On this form and through an available link you can enter contact information for yourself and your parents to be used in the event of a campus emergency.
  • When you log in and start registering for classes, you will see an "Acknowledgement of Payment of Tuition" Pop-Up and will need to agree to be responsible for tuition costs to be able to register.

Effective July 1, you will also see this additional Pop-up screen:

  • The "Consent/Release for Off/Campus Experiences" Pop-up, and you will need to agree or not agree.

If you wait until after July 1 to access BannerWeb, you will see all three screens on the same day.


GradTracker is an important program that allows you to review course history, check progress toward graduation, and plan future courses. After July 11 you will also be able to view how any AP or IB courses have been applied to your University of Richmond degree requirements. The "What If" tab allows you to view requirements for any major, minor, or concentration. The GradTracker login is available towards the bottom of the Student Services menu in BannerWeb. Instructions and tutorial videos for GradTracker are also available online. Please note: GradTracker is not currently compatible with Google Chrome.

Look-Up Classes to Add

Registration for classes is completed via BannerWeb, the University’s online student information system. When planning your fall schedule, new students should use the up-to-date listing of courses available for fall 2016 in the Look-Up Classes to Add section of the Registration menu (available June 8), available on the Student Services page. Instructions for using this feature are available in the Registering for Classes section of this website.